Control and Share
The WiFi function enables the Capture 5 to connect with smartphones and tablets. Our camera is based on the iCam platform. Many iCam app’s are available, we currently don’t offer our own app.

One of the best app’s at the moment is the Ez-iCam app by Wit Electronics.

Activate the WiFi function by pressing the WiFi button on the side. The Capture 5 network is discoverable. Select the network with your phone, tablet or computer. The name of the network is iCam-Capture 5. This network has no internet connection and is only used to connect your Capture 5 with your phone or other device. Enter the password:1234567890 and connect.

Open the app and connect the app with your Capture 5 by pressing Connect. You are now connected with the camera and can control the camera settings with your phone.

Its important to understand the app only supports Full HD. High data resolutions like 4K cannot be live streamed but the files can be downloaded to your phone.

Live stream with Facebook and Youtube lets you send the image captured by the camera directly to your facebook account or youtube channel.

Connect your Capture 5 with any HDMI compatible TV, Beamer or Monitor. Simply plugin the HDMI and the camera wil detect the connection.

Liveview, the image captured by the camera is directly transferred via the HDMI port. (no audio)
Playback, playback your recordings stored on the microSD card (with audio)