Creating a Time Lapse is very easy the Capture 5.

Adjust the settings according these instructions:

  1. Set Continuous Lapse: Settings -> Continuous Lapse -> On
  2. Set interval: Settings -> Time Lapse (short intervals for faster projects, long intervals for slow projects such as growing plants)
  3. Set Photo Resolution: Settings ->Photo Resolution (5MP is advisable for Full HD project)
  4. Select the Timer Mode.

The Capture 5 is now ready to create a Time Lapse.

Its possible to connect an external power source for longer projects.
Don’t connect the Capture 5 to a PC as it will activate data transfer mode thus disabling recording.

When you finished recording you can create a video file by combining the pictures taken. Time Lapse Assembler is great tool for this. With this tool you can set the Codec, Framerate, Dimensions and Quality with this easy to use tool.

Chest Mount - Skiing

How to mount your Capture 5 on a chest mount, for skiing.

While skiing your upper body is angled in such a way you need to compensate this angle.

On the left you see the camera mounted in the upright “regular” way. On the right you see the camera mounted upside-down. Mounting the camera upside down gives you a better range to compensate the angle.

You can invert the recordings during editing or simply set the camera in inverted mode.

Settings -> Upside Down -> ON Yes