Capacity and Speed
Choose the right SD card for optimal performance and longer battery life.

Always format a new SD card in the Capture 5 (Settings->Format->Yes)

The current maximum capacity is 32GB, please select a Class 10 microSD card.

Tested and Approved

  • Sandisk ULTRA microSDHC UHS-1 16GB
  • Sandisk ULTRA microSDHC UHS-1 32GB
  • Adata Premiere 16GB microSDHC
  • Adata Premiere 32GB microSDHC


Can I use any micro SDcard?

Yes, but it will influence the functionality and performance of the Capture 5. For example: If the card is not fast enough you cannot record in Ultra HD.

Can I put the mircoSD in the Capture 5 with power on?

No, don’t insert or remove the SD card when the camera is turned on.