You are in control
The splash proof remote has a photo and video button to control the Capture 5 from a distance.

1 Remove the battery tab by pulling the tab 2 remove the battery insulation by opening the remote.

Control options

Press the photo button make a photo.
Press the video button to start recording, press again to stop recording.
Press both buttons simultaneously to turn of the Capture 5
When burst or timelapse mode is selected, the photo button will control the selected mode.
When video mode is selected, the photo button will put the capture 5 in photo mode.

Picture shutter
Video recording button
Strap hole
Video indicator
Picture indicator


Is it possible to control multiple camera's?

Yes, its possible to control multiple camera’s simultaneously with the remote.

Is it possible to replace the battery?

Yes, simply remove the 4 screw and the cover, replace the battery (CR2032) flat side up.

Is the remote waterproof?

Yes, the remote is splashproof. Do not submerse!

My remote is not working!

You have to remove the pull tab and the ring of the battery before you can use the remote. To remote the tab, simply pull the tab. To remove the ring, please unscrew all 4 screw and remove the battery, pull of the ring and place the battery in the remote flat side up. Close remote with the 4 screws.