Don’t want to read all the topics? Jump in the deep with this Quick start guide.

  1. Remove protective films from the camera and the waterproof casing.
  2. Insert and format micro-SD Card (not included). a class10 32GB is advisable. When a low speed card is used not al resolutions are available.
  3. Charge the battery (8 hours) with the USB cable and charger included with this delivery.
  4. To Power ON – Press the Mode/Power button on the front of the camera for 2 seconds. To Power OFF – Press and hold the Mode/Power button for 2 seconds.
  5. Select the recording mode by presssing the Mode/Power button shortly.
  6. Start recording by pressing the Shutter/Select button on top of the camera.

TIP!: The transport case included in the delivery has an insert to keep al parts in place. We pack the insert upside down in the factory to prevent wrinkels. Please remove and flip so the hard top layer is on top.

How do I open the waterproof case?

You can simply open the waterproof case by gently pulling up the front of the case clip.